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Fantasy Farming - Orange Season

A farm-life RPG focused on exploration and different gameplay mechanics. · By Hudell


Recent updates

Orange Season Update 0.4
Hello, everyone! Today I'm releasing Orange Season version 0.4, which changes a lot of things on the game: The most important thing is that Rock Town and Orange...
4 files — 0.4
Orange Season Update 0.3.1
Hello everyone! I'm releasing a new update and also informing that I'm participating on's Summer Sale! If you want to get the game now, it is 30% off !...
4 files — 0.3.1
Orange Season Update 0.3
Hello everyone! Have you missed me? It's been nearly three months since I released version 0.2.9 of Orange Season, but there's finally a new major version here...
4 files —
Orange Season Update 0.2.9
Hello, everyone! Since the release of version 0.2.8, I have updated the game several times to fix bugs and include new content. I'm writing this new patch note...
4 files —
Orange Season Update 0.2.8
Hello everyone! It's me again, with another new update for orange season! There's nothing big this time, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements: Fi...
4 files — 0.2.8
Orange Season Update 0.2.7
Hello everyone! It's been almost two months since the version 0.2.6 of Orange Season was released, but there's finally a new one. And it's packed with content...
2 files — 0.2.7
Orange Season Update 0.2.6
Hello everyone! It's me again, with another Orange Season update. Check out what's new: New Areas: The old Desert Area was replaced by a new Summer Area, access...
2 files —
Orange Season Update 0.2.5
Recolor: The game went through a huge process of recoloring, making the scenarios brighter and more vivid. Some of the Winter Season scenarios were redrawn. New...
2 files —
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