Orange Season Update 0.2.2

Hello, everyone! The Orange Season project completed three years of existence this week, so I'm bringing you all a very special update.

Shortly after releasing version 0.2.1, I made some deep changes to the game's internal system to make it run faster on computers with no GPU. Those changes had broken many of the game's features, so I had to carefully fix and retest every little detail of the game to ensure a smooth update today. I want to thank users ScaledWolf and FelipeFalcon for helping me test everything over and over.

Now, to the actual changes in the game:

Farm Mechanics:

  • You can now pick up bigger weeds, so you don't need to use the sickle to get rid of it.
  • Smaller weeds were removed from the game.
  • The sickle's area of effect has been improved.
  • Shrank the hitbox of stumps, logs, weeds, stones, rocks, trees and items. You can now walk through some of those.
  • Improved fence's and gate's hitboxes.
  • Weeds will start growing back if you leave unused areas on your farm. Sometimes the wind may also carry a rock or log to your farm too.
  • WebGL Mode Only: New Visual Effect to highlight the area of effect of the sickle, axe, hammer, watering can and seeds.
  • Added "Breath System": Breath is a hidden variable that will let you run for short periods of time without spending stamina. It's recovered automatically when not running and
  • the max breath increases infinitely based on how much you run.
  • You can now ride goats and cows after they reach a minimum heart level. Riding a goat is faster than running and don't consume stamina/breath. You can't climb stairs or enter
  • caves while riding an animal.
  • Improved animal hitboxes.
  • Decreased the amount of friendship required to tame a wild animal.
  • Fixed an issue that caused cats and squirrels to walk through walls.

Towns and Villagers:

  • You will no longer be able to enter the villagers' houses. Instead, your character will knock on their door and the villagers will greet you there.
  • From now on, the lights inside the houses will only be on when there's someone awake inside it.
  • Added new Rock Town Villager: Billy.
  • Implemented other Rock Town Villagers (Adriana, Rory, Ilda, and Gabriel), but those can't be found yet.
  • Changed the size of some wild animals.
  • Simplified the blacksmith's house.
  • Changed Brittany's Schedule. She will meet with Julia and then Nathalia, before going to work.
  • Changed everyone else's schedule to make them go to their bedrooms at night.
  • Decreased the amount of friendship needed to start filling the stars under a villager's name.


  • Small changes to the entrance of the big cave.
  • Added a new level to the iron mine, unlocked through a quest. This new level includes a wider area for mining silver and blue crystals. Check the walls on mine level 6 to
  • trigger the quest.


  • Building a Barn now requires 200 branches and 15 wooden sticks. The price changed from 10,000G to 5,000G.
  • Building a Coop now requires 100 branches and 40 weeds. The price changed from 7,000G to 3,500G.
  • Building a fence now requires 2 branches. The price changed from 50G to 20G.
  • Building a gate now requires 2 branches and a stick. The price changed from 200G to 50G.
  • Brick price changed from 40G to 30G.
  • Changed the icon used for weeds.
  • Added more wooden stick spawn locations.

Mouse Support:

  • Improved Shop Windows to include a "Buy" and "Close" button.
  • Mouse cursor will be hidden when not in use.
  • You can now use the mouse pointer to determine where to use tools (Previously you needed your character to be facing the spot where you wanted to use it).
  • Fixed issue that caused the Shipping Bin Prices not to update properly.
  • Fixed the hit area of all doors and other objects.

Main Character:

  • Changed the main characters' sprites to be slightly cuter.
  • Up until version 0.2.1, I had separate sprites for each possible customization of the main character (genre, skin color, and hair color). This is no longer the case, as the
  • game now generates those sprite customizations on its own when starting a new game or loading a save file. This caused the total disk space used by the game do decrease and will also allow more customization options in the upcoming updates. Because of this change, I added a Loading Screen to the game. This process will need a few seconds when first loading your save file, but it won't show up during the game.

Text Changes:

  • Fixed grammar in Lucas' first letter.
  • Fixed the mushroom seeds description.
  • Fixed Red Watering Can name.
  • Some conversations that required you to talk to a villager twice to get all the messages no longer need so.
  • English only: Fixed some messages that showed large values using a dot instead of a comma (ex: 5.000G)


  • Fixed "Feeding Lucas": You no longer need to hold the food item you want to give him in your hands.
  • Added "Opening a New Path" task for Swamp.


  • Added a new scene with Brittany and Nathalia.
  • Knocking on someone's door is now animated with a small scene (the clock is paused during it).
  • Improved Annie's Introduction.
  • Title screen animations are no longer random.
  • Changed tutorials so that Benjamin tells you about the mouse controls too.

Perfomance Improvements:

  • Improved all sprite files.
  • Improved some math formulas that are used constantly by the game.
  • Improved map transition speed.
  • Fixed some lag that happened when skipping the tutorials on a new game.
  • Several engine improvements.


  • Implemented a zoom system: This is currently used to show a similar amount of content on the title screen, regardless of screen resolution.
  • Improved Item Shop Window: It will now show all items you need to have when crafting something.
  • Fixed some issues with Steam Achievements.
  • Swapped Mushroom Seeds and Wheat Seeds position in the general store.
  • You can no longer run while holding an item.
  • Changed the "Quick Start" button to a toggle option in the character creation screen.
  • Increased max save slots to 10.

If you find any bug with the update, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP.


Orange Season for Windows 102 MB
Version 0.2.2 Sep 28, 2017
Orange Season for Mac 109 MB
Version 0.2.2 Sep 28, 2017

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