Orange Season Update 0.2.3

Hello, everyone! I know it hasn't been a week yet, but here I am again with another update. This is the changelog:
  • Added new characters: Cinth and Rory
  • Added Rory's Farm House
  • Improved Billy Routine
  • Added new animals: Yaks, Mountain Goats and Ducks
  • Added new seeds: Cabbage, Broccoli and Chillipepper
  • Added Pat-Pat (Nathalia's cat)
  • Fixed issue with Serge's Routine
  • New Items: Yak Milk, Mountain Goat Milk and Duck Egg
  • Renamed Chicken Feed to Bird Feed
  • Added new cutscene with Raphael and Devin
  • From now on, Breaking an Ore Node will always give you an item, even if it is just clay.
  • Changed the speed boost you receive when riding animals
  • Fixed issue that caused weeds to grow over tilled soil and crops
  • Fixed issue that prevented the game from loading mods when it wasn't run through steam.
  • Changed game to automatically load images from mod folders instead of loading regular game images. This allows mods to replace game graphics without any code.
  • Increased silver node spawn rate
  • Increased chance of finding blue crystals
  • Added a screen effect to indicate a cutscene is being played. Also paused the music.
  • Fixed position issue with player animations
  • Fixed Every clock in the game (They now show the correct hour)
  • Fixed some grammar issues
  • Fixed issue that caused animals and objects in the farm house to be left behind when expanding the house.


I've added many new methods to the content manager, to allow manipulation of villager's dialogues.


Orange Season for Windows 171 MB
Version 0.2.3 Oct 02, 2017
Orange Season for Mac 177 MB
Version 0.2.3 Oct 02, 2017

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