Orange Season Update 0.2.9

Hello, everyone! Since the release of version 0.2.8, I have updated the game several times to fix bugs and include new content. I'm writing this new patch note to keep track of everything that changed. Here's the full list:
  • Moved Mia's house to Rock Town.
  • Added a Trash Can.
  • Added 9 new unlockable seeds.
  • Improved mouse support.
  • Trees will now become transparent when you stand behind them.
  • Added new gift reactions for Benjamin.
  • Made caves and night time become darker, but added light effects on the existing lamps.
  • The selected tool is now highlighted in the toolbar.
  • Changed blue crystal drop rate (small crystals are more common now).
  • Added shiny items random spawn.
  • Added Tomato Festival.
  • Auto Run is now enabled by default.
  • Changed the spawn rate of all items.
  • Added a lot of new items.
  • Added new option to choose a color scheme for the menus.
  • Added Dwarf Clouds.
  • Added Golden Oranges.
  • Changed default font and window style.
  • Improved interface elements on small resolutions.
  • Added achievements screen.
  • Fixed issue with empty item appearing on inventory.
  • Improved game performance.
  • New Setting: Max Frame Skip.
  • Several bug fixes.


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