Orange Season Update 0.2.9

Hello, everyone! Since the release of version 0.2.8, I have updated the game several times to fix bugs and include new content. I'm writing this new patch note to keep track of everything that changed. Here's the full list:
  • Moved Mia's house to Rock Town.
  • Added a Trash Can.
  • Added 9 new unlockable seeds.
  • Improved mouse support.
  • Trees will now become transparent when you stand behind them.
  • Added new gift reactions for Benjamin.
  • Made caves and night time become darker, but added light effects on the existing lamps.
  • The selected tool is now highlighted in the toolbar.
  • Changed blue crystal drop rate (small crystals are more common now).
  • Added shiny items random spawn.
  • Added Tomato Festival.
  • Auto Run is now enabled by default.
  • Changed the spawn rate of all items.
  • Added a lot of new items.
  • Added new option to choose a color scheme for the menus.
  • Added Dwarf Clouds.
  • Added Golden Oranges.
  • Changed default font and window style.
  • Improved interface elements on small resolutions.
  • Added achievements screen.
  • Fixed issue with empty item appearing on inventory.
  • Improved game performance.
  • New Setting: Max Frame Skip.
  • Several bug fixes.


Orange Season for Windows 172 MB
Version Feb 14, 2018
Orange Season for Linux 177 MB
Version Feb 14, 2018
Orange Season Demo 173 MB
Version Feb 14, 2018
Orange Season for Mac 178 MB
Version Feb 14, 2018

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