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This is an add-on for Cyclone Map Editor that lets you use three extra tileset files on your maps (768 extra tiles in total).

The tiles will be loaded from files B, C and D of the tileset you select on the map editor menu.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Cyclone ExtraTilesets for MZ 17 kB
Cyclone ExtraTilesets for MV 31 kB

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hey there, the extra tilesets option is grayed out for me (I have like 6 tilesets), do I have do to anything in particular other than enabling the plugin?

Does the plugin header appear correctly on the plugin list? The map editor should enable the option automatically when the plugin is loaded correctly.

I played around with the plugins and it works now lol thanks!

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I have an issue with this plugin. After the player enters map with the extra tileset, the meta data of other tilesets is prevented from being loaded in. So after changing the map, the game still uses metadata from previous map/tileset.

It's might not be noticeable if you use your map editor for every map, but this certainly happens when you switch to a map which doesn't have a CycloneMapEditor event.

Metadata - Information on TerrainTags, collisions etc. 

Hello, dear author! I really like your plug-in, but three extra tiles can't satisfy me. I don't know if I can set more tiles, because I use this plug-in to draw maps and export pictures

RM’s original dev only left enough space to fit three extra tilesets there, to add more I would need to save the maps to a separate file or something like that. Nothing that can’t be done but I was trying to break as little as possible of the normal process.

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Seems like the main plugin "Cyclone Map Editor" not work properly with 'Altimit pixel movement'. 

The location of the 'mouse' not work properly (no console error) with 'altimit pixel movement, probably because the line code lines below  (in the altimit pixel move  plugin), can you try to look it up and see if you can fix it without the need to disable the code lines?

Code line 01: 
var DOM_PARSER = new DOMParser();

  var PARAMETERS = PluginManager.parameters( 'AltimitMovement' );

Code line 02: 
prune.forEachProperty = forEachProperty;

Side question: did you find time to fix the error with this plugin (you said something about making it leading the all map to fix it), at the moment I still can't use it.


Hi, the other error you reported should’ve been fixed already. Do you still get that error?

I’ll take a look at the altimit movement plugin to see what can be conflicting. Expect a new update this weekend.

Hi Nissan, I’ve not been able to replicate the error with Altimit movement, can you make a small sample project where the error happens?

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Hey Cyclone, I hope you doing well.

are this plugin or your Map editor plugin effect Mobile in anyway? Or is work fine on mobile as well? I heard the reason mv didn't come with more then 5 Tileset space was because 'mobile' problems so just want to make sure.

I haven't tested it on mobile directly, but it should work without any issues. The only difference is that it will have two more files loaded in memory. 

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Thanks for the respond, I  trust your experience. 

Edit: just got it and put it in my project and tried to upload the play test, then I get the following error for some reason, are is something to do with the 'Pixi'? I'm using mv version 1.6.2 so it should be the last Pixi the come with it (4.5.4). do I need to update my Pixi some how? or maybe a plugin? (I tried to update Pixi in the past with other project file but it have problems with other plugins I used so I  drop it and use the mv version).

The error do not appear when using only ' Cyclone-Map-Editor-MV.js', only when adding Cyclone-ExtraTilesets-MV.js

Based on the error it seems like the plugin is trying to read the map data before it is loaded. Might be an incompatibility with another plugin, but I'll change it to ensure the map is fully loaded before doing anything with it.

Thank you :)